Introducing a better way to find a restaurant


Ever notice how choosing what to eat at a restaurant is different from the way you go about choosing anything else you buy? Clothes, furniture, shoes, cars - you always get to see your options before you decide. So why isn't it the same way when you're choosing what and where to eat? 

It's time for a better way to find a restaurant. A way that lets you see a meal with your own eyes before you decide. Introducing hankr, the  largest resource for true-to-life photos of the best food at local restaurants and the first app designed to help you visually answer: "What are you in the mood to eat?" 


hankr is now available in Milwaukee and Madison! (We love our hometowns.)


Food lovers, rejoice.

If you love food - and looking at pictures of food - you're going to be a pro at using hankr to find your next great meal. →

Why hankr?

There's a reason we created hankr: we believe in food and the power of an image to move us. →

Get listed!

Restaurants could always use more customers, and hankr is great at finding them for you. Find out how. →