You know how to satisfy your customers.
We know how to find you more of them. 

When a dining decision is being made, how will people find you? 
hankr is the only visual, food-first marketing engine for locally-owned restaurants that's proven to help you reach and attract more new customers.

 Open now to passionate local restaurants in Milwaukee. 
Packages starting at $59/month.


The secret to hankr's ability to bring you more customers starts with your amazing food. Diners browse a mouthwatering, visual menu of local food available near them, and when they've found something they've gotta have, they see your restaurant's contact info, interior photos, menus, and other dishes you have featured on hankr, too.

Packages that fit any menu

Getting your restaurant and food showcased on hankr is dead-simple, and doesn't take your time away from doing what you do best: running your restaurant. Once you choose your package, we'll work quickly to get your food in front of people looking for a place to eat right now . You'll look your best, you'll reach new customers, and you'll do it without cutting into your margins on every table.


Up to 5 active dishes

Up to 10 active dishes

Up to 15 active dishes

Up to 25 active dishes

Subscription Packages

Get just the exposure you want. Choose packages that offer up to 5, 10, 15 or 25 active dishes at once.

  • Change your lineup of active dishes at any time* 
  • Pick your active dishes from any mix of meals
  • Upgrade your package at any time

* - If photos are needed, additional photography costs may apply

Startup and Photography Costs

Startup and Photography costs cover one photoshoot of up to 25 dishes and full setup and activation of your listings in hankr.

  • Fee for restaurants that sign up for less than one year - $279
  • Fee for restaurants that sign up for one year or more - $199
  • Photoshoot covers up to 25 dishes regardless of package

How hankr benefits restaurants

Get more customers. That's the ultimate goal of any marketing you invest in, and no other marketing tool you've seen does what hankr does to accomplish that goal. By promoting your food in the hankr app,  you'll reach more new customers in a mouthwateringly-visual, effective and measurable way, but the benefits don't end there.

Put the spotlight on your food, not reviews

hankr is the only restaurant-finding app that puts your food at the forefront of the experience, not another review site inviting bad apples to spoil the bunch.

Get results

See how many diners look at your food, view your menus, click and call for reservations, and share what they see on hankr with others.

Get great photos of your food

Give 'em an hour or two, and hankr photographers will capture awesome photos of your food. They're always ready to shoot new dishes and specials, too.

Win without discounting

Let the power of great, true-to-life photos bring new customers to your restaurant without cutting margin at each table.

Fancy restaurant on the hankr app

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We've already built an audience of thousands of hankr users (and growing) in the Milwaukee. The time is right to put your food at the fingertips of hungry people looking for something delicious to eat right now.

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