Because we all eat with our eyes.

Choosing a restaurant can be tough, and there are many hurdles that prevent people from trying someplace they've never been to before. Have they heard of your restaurant? Do they know much about your food? Can they feel confident they'll get something they'll enjoy? 

hankr is the first restaurant guide to put food first, and it helps people experience your food even before they arrive. It's proven to produce the awareness, confidence and desire people need when they're making a dining decision.


Current hankr restaurants include:


hankr pulls people in

The secret to hankr's ability to bring you more customers starts with your food. Diners browse a mouthwatering, visual menu of local food available near them, and when they've found something they've gotta have, they see the restaurant's contact info, interior photos, menus, and more. 

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We've already built an audience of thousands of hankr users (and growing) in the Milwaukee and Madison areas. If you're a local, independent restaurant and you want your food at the fingertips of hungry people looking for something delicious to eat, contact us today.

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