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hankr is the only visual guide to locally-owned restaurants that's proven to help you reach and attract more new customers. Founded in Madison and Milwaukee, the hankr mobile app has been used over 35,000 times to find great meals at locally-owned restaurants. 

Click any image to view it larger and see how the food at The Wise can make mouths water in hankr.

What the heck is hankr?

For Madison area diners, hankr is the first entirely-visual guide to local food. Our mobile app gives them an up-close look at the best dishes around and helps them easily find exactly the meal that sounds right for their mood.

For The Wise, hankr is the only way to showcase your food in front of people looking for a place to eat right now - without any effort, without dealing with review sites, and without cutting into your margins on every table.

How does The Wise get on hankr?

Getting your restaurant and food showcased on hankr is dead-simple, and doesn't take your time away from doing what you do best: running your restaurant. Once you choose your package, the onboarding process looks like this for you and your staff:


Step 1: Schedule a time for a friendly hankr photographer to visit your restaurant.

Step 2: On photoshoot day, make and bring food to our photographer at a table.

Step 3: There is no step 3 - we take care of everything else!


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