Want to show the Milwaukee area Wayward Kitchen and Bar's amazing food? 

hankr is the only dish-focused, visual guide to locally-owned restaurants that's designed to help you reach and attract more new customers.

In short, we feature great, true-to-life photos of your food to make people really hungry...and get them to Wayward Kitchen and Bar.

See how other Milwaukee restaurants are using hankr to make mouths water.

Here's a little bit about hankr

Founded in Wisconsin and launched in Milwaukee in February, the hankr mobile app has already been adopted by 10,000 diners and accumulated more than 250,000 gotta-have-it-now impressions for locally-owned restaurants. 

How does hankr benefit Wayward Kitchen and Bar?

Get more customers. That's the ultimate goal of any marketing you invest in, and no other marketing tool does what hankr does to accomplish that goal. By promoting your food in the hankr app, you'll reach more new customers in a mouthwateringly-visual, effective and measurable way, but the benefits don't end there.

How does Wayward Kitchen and Bar get on hankr?

Getting your restaurant and food showcased on hankr is dead-simple,
and doesn't take your time away from doing what you do best: running your restaurant.


Step 1: Shoot us a note (here) and one of our team members (likely one of our founders or president) will come to your restaurant, show you hankr and chat in person.

Step 2: Once you sign up, we work with you to schedule a convenient time for one of our friendly and highly-skilled hankr photographers to visit your restaurant to shoot your dishes.

Step 3: On photoshoot day, all your team needs to do is prepare and bring food to the photographer to shoot. The whole process, generally, takes about two to three hours.

Step 4: There is no step 4 - We take care of everything else!

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Ready to learn more about getting Wayward Kitchen and Bar on hankr? Give us 10 minutes for an introductory meeting!

Contact Al Krueger, hankr president, to find out more!