You get a free photoshoot from hankr!

If a customer left you a "Yay!" card from hankr, your food clearly made a great impression! hankr features and shares the best food from local restaurants with people looking for a great meal, and we want to give your food the credit it deserves with a professional photoshoot of ten of your dishes. 

Getting your photos is easy, and there's no catch. You earned it!


1. Pick your date and time

Our professional photographer just needs 30 minutes to get great photos of your three dishes. Pick the time that's best for you, and we'll be there. 


2. Prepare and serve

On photoshoot day, simply prepare your three items just as you would for a customer. We'll photograph them in their true-to-life beauty. 


3. Enjoy the free photos!

A few days later, you'll receive your photos to use for your website or social media, and we'll add them to hankr so more people know about your food, too!


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